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Impressed Line Technique and Sgraffito


CDs and Kits

Carol Moore's Colored Pencil Kits - Down-loadable (PDF Format) colored pencil kits for various skill levels.

Ann Kullberg's Colored Pencil kits - A variety of colored pencil kits from various colored pencil artists.

Karen Hull's Colored Pencil Kits - A variety colored pencil kits for all various skill levels.


The Colored Pencil Magazine - Sally Ford's Colored Pencil Magazine now in print with step-by-step lessons, critiques, tips and much more.

The Colored Pencil Magazine

Ann Kullberg's Color Magazine - Ann Kullberg's online color pencil magazine with tips, critiques, and step by step lessons.

Ann Kullberg's Color Magazine

The Artist's Magazine - A magazine for serious, active artists of all skill levels.

Artist Magazine Issues on Colored Pencil

1991 - July

Colored Pencil: Secrets of Modern Masters by Sandra Angelo.

1992 - February

Techniques for Using Colored Pencils by Barbara Edidin.

1992 - November

New Depths in Colored Pencils by Barbara Edidin.

1995 - May

Building Texture into Wood by Sandra Angelo.

1996 - April

Closing the Circle on Realism by Maggie Toole.

1999 - March

Redefining the limits of Colored Pencilby Greg Schaber.

Painting with a Pencil by Sandra Angelo.

2002 - August

Show Stoppers by Jill Kline and Thomas M. Thayer Jr.

2004 - February

Paint Flowers by Barbara Edidin.

2004 - July

From Crisis to Creative Breakthrough - How to build color and depth by Jennifer Phillips Webster.

2005 - March

Making the Leap - Seven colored pencil artists share how embracing change can pave the way to more powerful work by Sandra Carpenter.

2005 - April

Under Pressure - Rich color is possible with colored pencil by Fred Paulson.

2005 - July

Your Best Yet - Four top artists share unique colored pencil approaches by Steve Smith.

2007 - Jan./Feb.

Pencil Possibilities - Discover the range of artistic options colored pencils can provide by Alyona Nickelsen.

2007 - July/Aug.

Sandpaper and Paintbrushes? - A colored pencil artist's unusual techniques create vivid, compelling effectsby Linda Lucas Hardy.

2008 - November

Uptight Is All Right - Colored pencil offers different strokes for artists who enjoy working with detail by Gary Greene.

Colored Pencil Resources

Colored Pencil Comparison Chart - Pros and Cons of various brands of wax based colored pencils versus oil base colored pencils.

Colored Pencil Society of America - Society for colored pencil artists in the US. They have a yearly exhibitions and yearly fee for membership.

Colored Pencil Tools and Techniques - for the Wax and Oil Based Colored Pencils, Blending Techniques, Blending Colored Pencils with Solvents.

Colored Pencil Tutorials - a resource of various online tutorials by artists.

Colored Pencils vs Watercolor Pencils - Understanding the binders, application and different types of pencils

Guide to Different Types of Colored Pencils Various colored pencils on the market today.

How to Sharpen a Colored Pencil - Discover how to sharpen a colored pencil to a nice, fine point! Learn how to prevent your Prismacolor colored pencils from breaking.

Oil Based vs Wax Based Colored Pencils - Article on the differences between oil based colored pencils and wax based colored pencils.

Review: Prismacolor Pencil Blend Test in the Moleskine Journals - test and review of using Prismacolor Colored Pencils on Moleskine and Ciak Journals.

UK Colored Pencil Society - Society for colored pencil artists in the UK. They have a yearly exhibitions and yearly fee for membership.

Wet Canvas Colored Pencil Tips and Tricks - Tips, Tricks and Techniques from various colored pencil artists on Wet Canvas.

Wet Canvas Colored Pencil Recipe Book - detailed thread about which colours you can use to create a particular effect or color.

Wetcanvas Colored Pencil Color Charts - Colored pencil charts of all brands of pencils.

Wet Canvas Colored Pencil Library - various tips, tricks, demos, techniques, step by step lessons and other valuable colored pencil info by various colored pencil artists.

The Colored Pencil Challenge

Karen Cardinal's The Colored Pencil Challenge unfortunately, no longer exists, but it was a time when colored pencil was not as well known as it is today. Colored pencil artists participated in a group format and learned a lot from each other, grew as artists, and explored different methods and techniques in using colored pencil.

Backlighting and Solvents Challenge - Featuring Barbara Benedetti Newton

Colored Papers Challenge - Featuring Constance Moore Simon

Skin Tones Challenge - Featuring Ann Kullberg

Creating Texture Challenge - Featuring Carlynne Hershberger

Circulism Challenge - Featuring Maggie Toole

Black Paper Challenge - Featuring Kay Dewar

Painting Florals Challenge - Featuring Kristy Ann Kutch

Combining Pencils Challenge - Featuring Barbara Krans Jenkins

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