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Welcome! I'm Carol Moore and I am a freelance colored pencil artist and web designer located in Carlton, Oregon. Although I attended art school and received an A.A.S. degree in Computer Systems & Information Technology in 2015, I am mainly a self-taught artist and designer. Art and design are my passion. I have been creating works of art all my life. I began my own freelance art business back in 1996, and I launched my freelance web design business in the fall of 2015. I am constantly striving and honing my artistic and technical skills to bring my vision or the client's vision to life through works of art or design. There is something so enlightening watching a vision or idea materialize before your eyes and hearing a client say you captured my vision perfectly because my goal as an artist/designer is to bring the client's vision to life, whether it is through the use of colored pencils or coding out a web design.

I started dabbling with web design and photoshop back in the year of 2000. The first website I ever created was my own. The more I dabbled with coding the more I developed a passion for it. I love watching a site start to come to life with just a few lines of code. I had the opportunity to design a couple of sites, way back when, on Geocities and Bravenet, for a couple of artist friends. In addition, I designed a website for Mid-Coast Christian Fellowship. After some time, I decided I needed to go back school to learn more about web designing, so I got accepted into Chemeketa College in 2012. I graduated in June of 2015 with a degree in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis on Web Design.
I specialize in custom 404 web pages and ads for small businesses. I design ads using Adobe products. It is important to me that the ad brings to life the client's brand, personality and captures the viewers attention. I design websites using HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap coding. It is essential to me that the websites I design are up-to-date with web standards, accessible, responsive, visually appealing, user-friendly, and engaging.
Strong communication and feedback from the client are so important, without the client's input the website cannot come to life. By listening to clients' visions, dreams, goals and needs, I can bring their vision to life through the design process.

So why colored pencil? I discovered my love for colored pencils while taking an illustration class at Pacific NW College of Art in 1983. I was hooked on this medium immediately. I love the control, the details I can achieve, the versatility and the portability this medium provides. I have explored and experimented using different brands of colored pencils over the years, but my favorite brand of colored pencils is Prismacolors. However, there are some very close seconds, such as Derwent Coloursofts and Irojiten.
My method of applying colored pencil is a slow process of layering various colors on top of one another, using light to medium pressure. My art style is soft semi-realistic and I tend to use soft pastel colors in my pencil palette. I tend to have a fondness for blues and purples. In addition, I like to combine Prismacolors with other colored pencils brands such as the Derwent Coloursofts and Irojiten, or I like to combine colored pencils with charcoal, graphite, watercolor pencil, and/or acrylics.
My artwork is a reflection of what I am inspired by most - whether it is my faith in God, charitable causes, animals, folklore, myth, history or soul-stirring emotional concepts, I visually bring to life an idea, a story or a message that has touched my heart, my mind, and my soul.

Pacific NW College of Art: 1982-1983; Emphasis on Commercial Art and Photography.
College of Ganado: 1984-1986; Liberal Arts A.A. Emphasis on Natural Resources.
Chemeketa Community College: 2012-2015; Computer Information Systems A.A.S. Emphasis on Web Design.
Ann Kullberg's Portraits I Workshop; Salem, OR 2007.

Miniature Artists of America Touring Exhibit - Walters Cultural Art Center - November 1st to 30th of 2011.

"Send Me A Song" - First place for the Traditional-Artists Music Contest
"Hope" - Third place for the Think Pink IV Contest

Magazine: Artwork featured 3 times in Ann Kullberg's Color Magazine most recently in February's 2012 issue
Magazine: Sally Ford's Colored Pencil Magazine March 2012: Step by Step lesson on Creating Soft-Focused Backgrounds
Colored Pencil Magazine
Magazine: Dave's Garden issue December 2008 to 2009 illustrated story "Tango" by author Diana Wind.
Website: Eye Tutorial featured at Iart Learning (Melanie Phillips).
Website: Art featured several times at Shadowness.
Website: Art Featured several times DeviantArt.
Website: Art featured at PSPExtreme October 2005 issue.
Website: Art featured at Modern Day Masters in 2004.
Website: Art featured at League of Animal Artists in May 2002.
Calendar: Art featured in 2008 Australian Cattle Dog Rescue calendar.
Book: "Amazing Pencil Portraits 3" published by Platte Productions featured "Broken Hearted".
Book: Art "Jason Baca" featured in Journey of a Male Model II by Jason Aaron Baca.
CD: Commision Art "The Sodies" featured on CD Album for Music Group - The Sodies.

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